Our Partners

Our Place Christian Communities

While Hope Christian Homes will focus on property acquisition and maintenance, Our Place Christian Communities (OPCC) has been established as a ministry organisation aiming to resource local churches and friends who want to surround people with disabilities with friendship, pastoral care, links to churches, and encouragement in Christian discipleship.

Sharing the same values as HCH, it will provide contexts for the members of the communities to bless others and be blessed. The OPCC founding ambassador is Jerrah Patston who will use his gifts in encouragement and music to keep the vision before us and to raise interest in the ministry.

Welcome Home Springwood

The pilot project for the ministry will be Welcome Home Springwood (WHS). WHS is a cooperative formed to assist a group of men with disabilities who want to live together. WHS will rent the first home purchased by HCH.

WHS will receive funding through the National Disability Insurance Scheme to provide the staffing and other support needed for those housemates with disability through an accredited Disability Service Provider, Supporting Independent Living Cooperative (SILC).